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Why Do I need a Surge Suppressor?

Many people in South Africa believe that solar equipment can protect their household appliances from power outages caused by load shedding. However, this is not entirely accurate. Even an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) cannot protect electronic devices from the power surges and fluctuations that occur during load shedding. Additionally, insurance companies in South Africa are no longer covering damage caused by power surges during load shedding, which means it is crucial to safeguard our equipment against these harmful power sources.

This is why ECP-AV has turned to Sinetamer to protect our customers’ equipment and provide them with peace of mind, not just for audio-visual devices, but for all electrical equipment in their homes.


Prices subject to exchange rate increases, manufacturer price increases and may change without prior notice. Please complete the contact form to get a quote. Prices change due to the rand/dollar fluctuation. In order for us to give proper pricing we need to know if your building is single or 3 phase and the amperage. With short circuit ratings on main breaker. In other words maximum fault level current.

Watch this video for the webinar we were presented about the product and techinical information.

About ST-SPT Series (Single Phase, average homes)

The paragraph describes the benefits of using the SineTamer© ST-SPT devices for protecting sensitive and critical equipment from electrical surges. The devices are specifically designed to provide the best protection against ring wave transients, which are sudden voltage spikes that can damage or even destroy electronic devices.

The SineTamer© ST-SPT devices are intended for use in single-phase 120, 240, 380, or 480 VAC circuit applications. They are particularly effective in limiting transients that are generated inside a facility, making them a crucial component for circuits that power critical microprocessor-based equipment.

The devices have a robust 60kA per phase peak surge current rating on all models, which means they can handle large amounts of electrical energy during surges without causing damage to the equipment. They are also designed to be economical, making them a cost-effective option for surge protection.

One of the unique features of the SineTamer© ST-SPT devices is that they are stand-alone surge suppression devices, which means they don’t require a special enclosure when used outside an existing enclosure or cabinet. They are also compact in size, making installation easy and convenient.

Furthermore, the devices come with a warranty that is considered the best in the industry, which provides customers with the peace of mind that they are protected against any potential issues that may arise.

In addition, the SineTamer© ST-SPT devices feature dedicated “all mode” Enhanced Sinewave Tracking™ and a completely encapsulated Optimal Response Network™, which ensure effective and reliable surge suppression.

Overall, the paragraph emphasizes that the SineTamer© ST-SPT devices are versatile, with superior performance specs compared to competitors, and an unparalleled warranty. It suggests that the devices are an essential investment for anyone looking to protect their sensitive and critical equipment from the damaging effects of electrical surges.


Description: Series wired parallel-connected transient voltage surge suppressor with encapsulated
Optimal Response Network™ and Enhanced Sinewave Tracking circuitry
Application: Designed for use at ANSI/IEEE Category A with susceptibility up to medium exposure levels to protect sensitive/critical loads fed by a single circuit.
Warranty: 25 Years Unlimited Free Replacement Unit Listings: Tested to UL 1449 Second Edition and CUL


Enclosure: Plastic, UL 94V
Mounting: External mounting feet.
Connection Method: 3-Lug screw terminal strip at both the input and output sides of the device.
Shipping Weight: ≈ 2 lbs


Circuit Design: Series wired, parallel connected hybrid design incorporating discrete all mode protection and utilizing our encapsulated Optimal Response Network™ and Enhanced Sinewave Tracking circuitry design to provide lowest possible let-through-voltages. All suppression circuits are completely encapsulated in our exclusive compound to assure long component life and complete protection from the environment and/or vibration.
Protection Modes: Dedicated protection components and circuitry for each mode. Discrete L-N (Normal Mode),
and Discrete L-G, N-G (Common Mode)
Input Power Frequency: 50-60Hz
Max Operating Current: 15 and 30 Amps AC (60 Amp models available)
EMI/RFI Attenuation: 40dB Max. from 1kHz to 10MHz
Circuit Diagnostics: Super Bright LED, normally on.
Circuit Interrupt: External (see installation instructions for details).
kAIC Rating: 200 kAIC when installed according to installation instructions
Options: -P = wires on one end for parallel install, -N = remove N-G tracking capacitor, -DIN = din rail mounting feet. –C = DRC (125Vrms, 0.5 amps; 30VDC, 1.0 amps – N/O, N/C)
Remote Alarm option: Dry Relay Contacts, 125Vrms, 0.5 amps; 30VDC, 1.0 amps – N/O, N/C. These contacts are for use in conjunction with external status monitoring devices and are connected via the 18ga wires provided. Add suffix “C” for DRC option.

About RM-ST40 (3 Phase, bigger homes & offices etc.)

The paragraph describes the features and benefits of the SineTamer© RM series of units, which provide both high-energy impulse suppression and ring-wave transient protection. The device is designed for both general-purpose and sensitive/critical load applications, making it versatile in its application.

The RM-ST40 unit is specifically designed for small service entrances up to 400 amps, distribution and sub-distribution panels. It is also designed to be compact in size and have a non-metallic enclosure, allowing for easy installation directly inside electrical panels and individual equipment disconnects. The internal installation provides the absolute shortest possible lead length, which is important for optimum performance.

The RM-ST40 unit is highly effective in limiting internally generated transients, making it an essential component for panels feeding office locations and/or microprocessor-based equipment. It offers features that are not available in devices costing many times its price, making it an economical choice for surge protection.

The compact size of the device makes installation easy and convenient, while the maintenance-free operation and 15-year unlimited free replacement warranty provide peace of mind to the users. The paragraph emphasizes the high-quality and value of the RM-ST40 unit, suggesting that it is an excellent choice for those looking for effective and reliable surge protection for their electrical panels and sensitive equipment.


Description: Parallel connected, transient voltage surge suppressor device utilizing both high-energy handling and sine-wave tracking circuitry for virtual elimination of impulse and ring wave type transients. (actively tracking the AC sine wave)
Application: Designed for use at ANSI/IEEE Categories C, B and A with susceptibility up to medium exposure levels. Designed to protect sensitive/critical loads fed from distribution panels, branch panels and/or individual equipment panels.
Warranty: 15 Years Unlimited Free Replacement
Product Qualifications: ISO 9001:2008


Enclosure: ABS Plastic, UL94-0
Mounting: 3/4” conduit fitting (internally threaded) and external mounting feet.
Connection Method: #10 stranded wire.
Shipping Weight: ≈3 lbs


Circuit Design: Parallel connected, internally fused, hybrid design incorporating all mode protection, and utilizing our encapsulated design to provide improved durability. All suppression circuits are encapsulated in our exclusive compound to assure long component life and complete protection from the environment and/or vibration.
Protection Modes: L-N, L-L (Normal Mode), and L-G, N-G (Common Mode). (Seven discrete modes)
Input Power Frequency: 50-60Hz constant
EMI/RFI Noise Attenuation: 30dB Max. from 1kHz to 10MHz
Capacitance: Up to 3.5 uF Max.
Circuit Diagnostics: Super Bright LED, 1 per phase, normally on.
Circuit Interrupt: External and internal (see installation instructions for details).
Fusing: Component Level Thermal Fusing/Phase Level Current Fusing

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